How Can You Advise Clients if You Don’t Know How to Talk to Them?

How many Money Languages do you speak?

“You can’t do your job well unless you understand how your clients think.”

Richard Thaler, PhD, Professor of Economics, University of Chicago, author of “Nudge”

Our research identifies five fundamental Money Languages

The Seeker

seeker2Seekers understand that sticking to a solid plan is important, but tend to get distracted by new ideas for saving or spending. They tend to look for an exit as soon as they are asked to review the details of finance or a financial plan.

The Tracker

tracker2Trackers are detail-oriented and very aware of their current financial situation. Though they are on top of things in terms of money they often struggle to see the larger, long-term financial picture.

The Believer

believer2The Believer’s optimistic outlook is a powerful natural resource that needs to be harnessed for the good. They love big ideas and exciting opportunities but generally lack the ability to connect the dots between small actions and big results.

The Worrier

worrier2Worriers have a well-honed ability to detect money issues but are also paralyzed by fear that can sometimes make it difficult to see opportunities or take positive steps that will move them forward.

The Planner

planner2Planners are well positioned to thrive in the current system of financial advising but can sometimes benefit from being challenged to dream bigger and recognize opportunities that they may be missing.

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