Why It's Important

Your financial personality is one of the most important – and least understood – aspects of your life.

We spend endless time and money achieving greater health and wellness in our body, mind and spirit–not to mention our relationships and careers. In our effort to find balance we…

  • go to the gym,
  • hire a personal trainer,
  • visit a nutritionist
  • practice yoga,
  • take adult education classes, etc

But the vast majority of us have no understanding of what our financial personality is. The evidence is all around us:

  • Money disputes are the No. 1 reason couples fight and the single best predictor of divorce
  • Student loan delinquency and default rates are soaring
  • Almost half of retired Americans can’t afford everyday necessities
  • Young people are forced to get by on significantly less income than the previous generation
  • Nearly 50% of parents with children between the ages 18 to 39 were financially supporting their children in various ways